leading by example

first taste of refined sugar!

first taste of refined sugar!

My daughter is almost 13 months old now and still nursing about 6 times in a 24-hour time period. We started solid foods at 7 months and we started slow. Her favorites are bananas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and she loves sucking on her Daddy’s apples. She is not a big fan of packaged baby food because I have made it a priority from the beginning to make all her food fresh. I have two great baby cookbooks with some good recipes in them that are broken up by age of appropriateness. Recently I have been adding some spices (basil, cinnamon, garlic, etc..) to a few of her favorites to try and introduce her to new flavors. One thing I really need to get more of into her diet though is green veggies. She does well with peas but the only time she has had them was when we were out of town and I had to buy a jar of Earth’s Best.

Her palate for solids is expanding daily though, and soon I am going to need to clearly define some boundaries for her diet. So far the parameter has been very small because of her age but now that she is handling more finger-foods, it seems everyone wants to hand her a burger, soda, and a slice of cake!!! Its time to make some clear cut decisions that will effect not only my daughter, but my entire household.

Here is the problem I am facing right now…I am very picky about her diet because I want her to get started on the right foot and have a proper relationship with food. I want her to enjoy foods in their purest and healthiest forms, while leaving fatty and sugary foods for very very occasional use. I don’t want them to be staples of her diet. Here is the big confession though: My husband and I are both very overweight right now because of a lifetime of poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy relationships with food. We weren’t always overweight but it has definitely caught up to us over the last 4 years. While we are both working right now to make up for the damage that has been done, and changing our own diets, none the less our reputation is not lining up with what we are setting forth for our daughter.

The diet I would like to modify our entire family over to living by is what is called “clean eating” where you eat everything in its purest form and eating natural foods rather than processed or canned foods. I am also considering cutting out animal protein for myself and continuing to keep my daughters diet free from it. Currently, my diet is far from this.

I think if I was modeling the diet that I want my children to live by, perhaps people wouldn’t question my logic so much or ask when she was going to be allowed to eat some “good” food. Now looking back over that sentence I realize I painted myself into a corner..of course I am going to be questioned..barrated in fact!! But, my answer can be, this is how WE eat at our house and for these reasons and I will be modeling it along side my girl rather than scarfing down the deep-fried potatoes and burger while talking about the importance of a healthy diet.



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  1. Marie T

    If you’re interested in a good resource I would recommend The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. She also has a new book coming out in August entitled The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids. It’s a great and easy read full of information. Also, don’t be afraid by the word diet… Ms. Reno really is trying to just get our attention with this word. Once you read the book you realize it’s all about a lifestyle change. Check it out (www.eatcleandiet.com).

  2. Marie T: Thanks so much for your comment. I will definitely look into those books!

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