Be Green

This afternoon I FINALLY took my car in for a much needed oil change.  I took my daughter to her grandmother’s house for some playtime which allowed me to take care of this tedious errand without worrying how I would entertain her in the most kid-unfriendly environment ever!

I brought along a book I have been working on reading, per my husbands suggestion.  I ended up taking my car to this little service station up the street from our house that had a shorter wait than the large chain store in the heart of the city…the one with the comfy leather couches and free coffee.  So there I was in a metal folding chair with my diaper bag (because who carries a purse anymore!) and my book waiting amongst the sodas, beer, and Rolos.  Now, my precious little black VW Golf has been nicknamed by my mom “the hippie mobile” and perhaps it just might be.  I have a few (3) bumper stickers on the back and in my opinion there are NOT enough.  After my car was appointed its name it received a little added flair to confirm its origin and so I proudly display a peace sign necklace which dangles from the rear-view mirror.  Anyway, my 3 bumper stickers read as this “Live simply so that others may simply live.”, “Give birth a chance, use a midwife.”, and “Be Green.”.

Now of the three I was suprised by which one received the most attention at the service station today.  While waiting for my car I became deeply enthrawled in my book.  I usually read in such small spurts because caring for a toddler doesn’t lend itself to concentrated times spent on ANY ONE thing.  Out of the blue I heard a voice say “BE GREEN!” I looked around and it took me a second to realize the shop owner was not only talking to me but referencing one of my bumper stickers.  “I’m sorry?” I said…more so for clarity as to why he felt the need to announce it to me.  “Be Green.  I like that!”.  “Oh, you like my sticker!”, I said.  “Yeah, but I really don’t think that whole thing is really gonna amount to much for atleast 5 years or something like that.” he theorized.

I could have easily just nodded and went on reading my book like I really wanted to but lately I have found myself missing opportunity after opportunity to say what I want to say and mean what I mean!  So, instead I put my book down and went on to add “Well, the truth is that the research and information that is becoming more and more mainstream today has been out there for years and years.  People like me have been living green for decades.  What I am afraid of is that right now, its just a fad…its something to wear, its something to claim, its even something to stick on your car…but to actually live it out…you might be right, it might take years to see an impact and see it really being lived out in large ways.”  He just shrugged and walked out.  I wonder if he assumed I was another airhead cult follower like so many today. It is something that has truly frustrated me to no end.  I have considered stopping people I see on the street wearing their “Green is the new black” shirts or other “green living” attire and ask them “How are you living green?  What are you doing to positively impact the planet?  Do you know what a carbon footprint is?”  I am pretty sure I would be pretty unamused while not suprised by the results.  The “green” fad has actually made me consider removing my “Go Green” bumper sticker because I don’t want to be mistaken as being yet another poser.

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