my turn-ons.

So, I realize my title might raise an eyebrow or two but I started thinking today about all the things in life lately that get me excited…in a totally NON-sexual way.  So, here is the list I have been thinking about in my head in no particular order:

  1. Tom’s Shoes– for every pair you buy they give a pair to someone in need.
  2. searching for handmade goods (particularly those knit or stitched) on Etsy
  3. Method and Seventh Generation products
  4. Burt’s Bees
  5. almost anything paisley
  6. gorgeous fabrics…basically anything from the Amy Butler line
  7. searching for craft projects
  8. Mothering Magazine
  9. discovering new indie, acoustic/folk bands
  10. good photography
  11. learning how to prepare new meals..particularly those that are vegetarian and organic
  12. Walking around stores like Whole Foods or Central Market makes me literally high!
  13. Researching green products of all types
  14. Cloth diapers
  15. See Kai Run and Robeez shoes for kids
  16. Advocacy- particularly concerning breastfeeding and dealing with the rising concern of hospital/OB interference during labor- leading to the increased prevelance of C-sections (ICAN).
  17. good coffee
  18. Passing a Vespa on the street–reminds me of my lust for one myself!
  19. becoming a world changer

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