Family Traditions.

I was thinking last night about rituals and special days I would like to create for our family rhythm.  Obviously you have your typical family, faith-based, and national holidays..but I was considering what other days we could capitalize on to help our family and specifically our children appreciate the world we live in.

One day we will definitely be all about in a big way is Earth Day and on that day we will pick something to change about the way we live in the coming year from that day on to help the world in a positive way (so kind of like a New Years Day from the Earth’s perspective, complete with resolutions).  Some activities I have considered would be going on a neighborhood walk to find “trash” that can actually be recycled, art projects, attend city/neighborhood-wide projects going on that day, or perhaps visit our local arboretum and go on a nature walk to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the earth.  These are all just off the top of my head…

Another idea that came to mind last night was going to the calendar and identifying each of the seasonal changes for the year and on those 4 days, planning seasonally appropriate activities that would add to the excitement and anticipation of the coming season.  Again, I haven’t fully thought through what this will look like but I am terribly excited about it.  Everything down to the menu for the day and the colors of our clothes would be seasonally themed.

I have been researching online the last few days fun activities to do (in general) with my 14 month old daughter.  Now that she is not putting EVERYTHING in her mouth and is a bit more coordinated and curious I would like to teach her more and let her begin to physically explore the world a bit more.  I have been feeling a bit lacking in the creativity department though…Since she isn’t walking yet she is still pretty dependent on me..especially when we are outdoors.  I have discovered a few good ideas and as she continues to grow, some of my restrictions will naturally fall away.


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