I heart Amy Butler.

One of my favorite things to do is to dream up ideas for a future business creating and selling sewn and knit products.  I have tons of ideas swimming around in my head so much that I bought some notebooks yesterday so I can start writing them all down and sketching the basic look so that I won’t forget my believed brilliant product idea.  A favorite past time is to cruise around on sites like Etsy and Amy Butler for ideas and to drool over the beautiful designs and fabrics that are out there.  The crazy thing is that the ideas and the will is present…the know-how is NOT!  To this day I still do not know know to knit or sew.  I have my sewing machine that was a christmas gift (from 2006..esh) and I have knitting needles but I still to this day have not taken the time to slow down and gain the knowledge.  I am afraid my desire is going to soon outgrow my inabilities and I will never learn.

Luckily I came across a place right here in Houston near the Historic Heights area called Sew Easy that offers both sewing and knitting classes.  I have the basics of sewing but not enough that I could sit down and set up my machine and go after it.  I have also had a few impromptu lessons with a dear friend on how to knit but I never practiced after and by the time I would think about how I needed to practice, it had all been forgotten. As soon as my alternative teaching certification classes finish up in mid-October I am going to definitely sign up for a few classes over at Sew Easy.  It looks like a super fun place!

If you love to sew and for some reason have never heard of Amy Butler, definitely take some time and pop on over to her site.  The fabrics will literally take your breath away and start you daydreaming like you never have before.  There is a tab on the bottom of the home page that offers several free patters for some great practical products.  There are several quilt patterns this month and of course the stuffed kittens and fabric leaves will definitely make you squeal with delight!

one of the many free patterns offered on her site.

one of the many free patterns offered on her site.


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