I must find a way to get it all done.  I feel like if I can’t figure this out then I can’t ever even humor myself with the idea of having more children and I WANT MORE KIDDOS!  I have gone to several women I know who I see getting it all done and doing it somewhat gracefully with multiple children in tow but alias they never have any good advice for me.  Seems all I get is “one day you’ll figure it out” or “try not to care so much and when she’s older you can play catch up” but they all have young children and clean organized homes, plus hot meals on the table.  So, someone HELP ME!

I need some solid advice on how I can spend optimal time with my daughter during the day and still keep a clean home, work on crafting projects, go on outings, cook meals, run errands, etc…

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  1. Honestly, when you have more kids you just kind of make it happen. I’m surprisingly much more organized now that I have two. It just kind of happens. Just like when your second is born you somehow have the capacity to love both completely, you also gain the capacity to keep your house clean too. My house is actually cleaner these days than when I just had Judith! It’s weird, and I can’t really explain what I’m doing differently. God is just giving me more grace I think. One thing that I found helped a lot was getting up early, and at the same time every day. I haven’t been doing that lately because Gideon is teething and not sleeping for more than an hour or two at a time. But once he goes back to only nursing 1-3 times a night, I will start getting up at 6:30 again (right now I get up at 8). I get so much done on those days!

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