lazy Sunday.

Last Sunday my husband and I took advantage of an anxious grandmother who wanted to babysit our daughter and spent the afternoon on a date.  We headed downtown to explore some of the better parts of our city.  I find it a daunting task to enjoy living in Houston but its days like Sunday that remind me that there are much worse places I could live.

First we spent some time sitting around cafe tables at the Bayou City Place stage just talking about life, the church, and our city.  After that we strolled around the Theater District and Buffalo Bayou.  The weather was fair (a rare treat for the Houston area–even in October!) so it was a perfect day for a stroll.  Before leaving downtown we decided to stop in at The Hard Rock Cafe.  My husband has never been to a Hard Rock so it was an experience for him.  We sat and talked and enjoyed a drink.  We each ordered a drink that came with a souvenir glass so it was nice to have something to take home to commemorate our date!

All in all..probably one of our best dates in a while!!


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