The season is upon us..

Here in Houston, its rare that we get to enjoy weather that comes close to resembling winter..but the last few weeks have been blissfuly cold.  Last week, it even snowed!  Its the perfect weather for playing in the yard, rolling around in the freshly fallen leaves, and crafting!  I had taken a brief break from sewing projects but tomorrow I am going to get back to work on a few final christmas gift projects.  Once I am through with those I can move on to some projects that I have been dying to try just for fun.  My christmas list is mostly comprised of crafting, sewing, DIY, and knitting books, a few patterns, and various supplies.  I have been so inspired by some great ladies in my life, wonderful crafting blogs, and just life as it happens around me.  I see color, patterns, and textures in new ways.  I also have a new crazy love affair with fabric..its a sickness really!

Here are a few snapshots of a rare Houston Christmas season as well as my precious baby girl playing dress-up with Momma’s scarf and hat.

Snowy Cat tailsSnow covered carsAll Wrapped UpHats off to you


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3 responses to “The season is upon us..

  1. I just started reading your blog in the past month or so. I got a chuckle reading about Houston’s chilly weather. I live in Canada and all week its been about -30c. It’s soooo cold and tons and tons of snow. My husband is in Houston this week and I am sooooo jealous because its so nice and warm there! Even last night he tried making me feel better by saying its actually quite cold there compared to most times. It’s funny how the grass is always greener on the other side 🙂

  2. He’s there for business. But he’s also been shopping too. I sent him to Nurtured Family to pick up some stuff for me. Do you have any other stores to reccomended for cd’s etc??

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions. I’m hoping I can go with him next time.

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