Rear-facing vs. Forward-facing carseats

I was wasting time on Facebook today for a couple minutes after M. went down for a nap. I noticed an old friend who had a baby last year had posted new pictures of him at 7 months old. One picture in the album made my jaw drop! Amidst all the cute shots showing off new outfits and playtime with Daddy was a picture riding in his car seat in the car. His convertible car seat was forward-facing and the caption read “He loves riding forward in his car seat!”. Before letting my negative opinion get away from me I double-checked his age and he is in fact only 7 months old.

The law states a forward-facing car seat should only be used for children who weigh more than 20 pounds and are at least 1 year old. That means your child should fulfill both of those conditions before you get a forward-facing seat instead of a rear-facing seat.

My benefit of doubt is that, perhaps she was misinformed and believed that since he had hit the weight requirement that he was ready for a seat change. This is just a hypothesis… I can’t help but think the best of any good mom’s intentions since I think she is a good and loving mom from what I see. The problem is that I don’t have enough of a relationship with her to question this I fear.

Regardless, I bring this here to say…if you ever found yourself wondering when to make the switch. Consider the visual facts from watching the video below.

Disclaimer: This is to state that I do not believe there is anything ethically wrong with turning your 20 pound, 12 month old baby around. I’m sure the standards by the state have been carefully scrutinized and designed for the health and well-being of our children.



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4 responses to “Rear-facing vs. Forward-facing carseats

  1. I think we will keep Gideon rear-facing for a while. He doesn’t seem to mind it. Judith used to HATE her rear-facing seat, and was so excited on her first birthday (she was JUST 20 pounds) when she got to sit forwards. I would have kept her rear-facing for longer, but she was so much more pleasant facing forward.

  2. Faith & Elliott were born forward facing til about 14 months. They reached 20 pounds at about 7 months but we kept them rear facing as long as possible. I would’ve kept them that way longer but they both hated riding backwards. Things were much more peaceful once we turned them around.
    But yes! I’m a total advocate for keeping them rear facing as long as possible.

  3. We kept Kylee and Elijah rear-facing till 13 or 14 months. I can’t remember. Neither was quite 20lbs though. I will admit that. They were around18 1/2 and 19 1/2 pounds at that time. Their legs were scruched against the backseat and it made car rides miserable for them. However, I will never turn a child under a year forward facing or if they weigh less than Kylee and Elijah did. I’m actually considering getting a Graco SafeSeat for the next baby because it goes up to 30lbs. Nick doesn’t like the strollers that go with them though.

  4. Oh, I meant to add that last summer, my sister and I were up at a mall and we saw a lady get her baby out of a carseat. She had the infant carrier carseat facing forward!!!

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