Snapshot Sunday (02.15.09)

The Safe Sippy

This week’s snapshot is a product recommendation from our household.  Its our new favorite sippy cup called The Safe Sippy.  It is of course BPA free and even better it is aluminum.  The canister is made of aluminum that is and then it has a removable, silicone cover for insulation, removable plastic handle, and the lid is plastic.  The valve inside is one part and easily removable.  The mouthpiece is shaped like a straw which I have been told by my speech therapist friend, is the best shape cup (next to a regular cup) for kids to drink from from both a speech and teeth perspective.  We have had virtually NO leaks from this, even when Mirabelle turns it upside down and tries to shake out the water (valve in of course).  You don’t have to worry about this cup sitting outside in the hot sun with liquid because the liquid never touches the plastic parts unless the child is drinking from it.  It’s dishwasher safe with the silicone sleeve on!

I have yet to have a single complaint about The Safe Sippy so definitely check them out!!

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