Sunday Snapshot (3.8.09)

Eventually the “Sunday Snapshot” will stop being so lame!  I wanted it to be of service to this “dying” former professional photographer in a way that would force me to get out at least once a week and photograph.  Naturally when I do photograph, since becoming a mom, I love taking pictures of my daughter, so I hoped this would also serve as a (at least) monthly growth chart.

For now..this week I present to you my request for mother’s day!  I rarely ask for specific gifts.  Come Christmas season I cringe when I hear those 4 words “What do you want?”.  This year on a made-up holiday I very clearly want something very specific!  I fell in love with this painting after finding out I was having a girl.  I found out that Ikea has the print for sale and I really want it for my bedroom.

Momma and baby

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