Eat This!

saladOne of my favorite local blogs, The Houstonist, posted a great article yesterday about local health food restaurants around town.  A couple years ago my hometown of Houston was named the fattest city in the country 2 years running!!  Since then, as a city, great efforts have been made to get our name as detached from this not-so honored status.  The article highlights some amazing restaurants around town that are dedicated to maintaining a more stellar reputation.  Texans as a whole eat out more than any other state, but until recently, it has been very difficult to find a decent health food restaurant.  Even the salad bars are packed with calories!

Most of the restaurants listed in this article I have heard of or seen popping up around town.  I have decided to go on a healthy restaurant tour.  I will visit each one and post pictures and reviews.  What I am really curious to find out is if any of these restaurants will be kid-friendly.  So often restaurants are not kid-friendly in general and the kids menu is nothing but pasta, fried food, and sugar.  So, that will definitely be something I will be looking for as part of my review.

You can check out the article for yourself here!


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  1. Amy

    If you’re looking for kid-friendly eateries you should check out The Restaurant Mom brings you kid-friendly restaurant ratings, kids eat free deals, & everything in between that’s restaurant related. You can also nominate your favorite restaurants to be added to the list.

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