Holy Buffalo!

*Beware:  I am feeling like a bit of a foodie this week because I realized as I sat down to catch up on blogging, that the next 3 posts are going to be about food!  Your probably going to leave hungry.

burgerOver the last few months I have been working extra hard at systematizing my life, and particularly, my household.  This has been pretty challenging because after living “off the cuff” for so long I am finding it hard to get to a good square one position.  One department that desperately needed some organization was any and all kitchen activity and storage.  I created a weekly rotating meal schedule for the month which has me cooking 5 days a week.  One day a week we eat leftovers and the other day is a wild card (for either leftovers or eating out).  Weeks 1 and 3 are the same as is weeks 2 and 4.  The rare 5th week of the month has some fun menu items.  Now I say fun, but fun is an interesting word to use in relation to my meal calender.  My husband is one of the pickiest eaters you will EVER meet..kid you not!!  Then there is my daughter, she is somewhat adventuresome but has only been eating solids for a year now and still is limited in some of her menu items.  I have had to go to great lengths to create a menu that is not boring, relatively quick on the prep-time, balanced, and nutritious.

I do not eat cow meat or pork and I am not feeding my daughter these meats either.  So, basically the only animal protien she has ingested is chicken and turkey.  For a burger alternative last month I made Turkey Burgers.  As for myself and my daughter, it was great!  My husband was far from impressed.  So this month I bought some ground buffalo.  They turned out great and made for a great alternative to a regular hamburger!  You can read about the health benefits of buffalo and how it compares to beef here.


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