A New Favorite.

Sea CrackersWhile shopping at Whole Foods the other day I was searching for some good healthy snacks to keep stashed in the pantry.  If I am going to snack I am usually on the hunt for a salty snack so I often keep rice cakes and crackers on hand for the munchies.  On this particular trip I reached for a bag of goodies that caught my eye.  I am a sucker for good design (especially when it comes to packaging) and the brand name caught my eye.

Two Moms in the Raw is a great company with an amazing story.  You can even read a little about it right on the package!  Shari was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and set out to find natural methods for healing.  She did this though some major diet changes and came up with some amazing recipes we now get to enjoy!  Her food is 100% raw, organic, and vegan.  The sea crackers I purchased were gluten free as well!  They also tasted 100% AMAZING!!  My daughter and I have been munching on them all week but trying to concerve them as best we can because they are a bit pricey.  Even my super picky husband loves them!  Make sure to hit the link and check out Shari’s company and try out some of her scrumptious raw goodies!


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