Snapshot Sunday (3.29.09)

Finally!  A Sunday where I am actually posting a photograph I have taken.  Friday we had some beautiful blow in..literally!  We had some mega winds in the evening Friday but it left us this weekend with blue skies and a lovely cool breeze.  It would have been criminal to spend a substantial amount of time indoors Saturday so we tossed around a few ideas and ended up heading downtown to Discovery Green park.  They have a plenty of free-roaming green space, entertainment, a playground, and lots of good summer attractions like a water fountain playground.  She loved the freedom to roam!  Here is a shot of Mirabelle and Daddy I couldn’t help but capture!

B & M taking a stroll Downtown

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  1. Totally remember you. What was your screen name before that? Glad you found me. I’m loving writing about Mr. Busypants again. Stop by anytime.


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