Sick Weekend. get two whiny, “I don’t feel well!” post in a row.  Also, I realized I have neglected my “Snapshot Sunday” regular post now for two weeks straight (if you count today).  Its been a pretty off 2 weeks from a health perspective, not to mention schedule-wise in our household.

With my husband being the lead pastor of a church, Holy Week is THE busiest time on the church calendar (with Advent and Christmas Eve running a close 2nd).  As the week progressed I grew more and more disconnected from him it seemed.  Between meetings, stressing over large “to-do” lists, additional traditional mid-week services, and sermon writing, its been pretty hectic.  Next week doesn’t necessarily get any easier either!  He has tickets to a basketball game till late one night, then out of town all day the next day.  Luckily he has decided to take tomorrow off from work so it will be nice to reconnect and spend some time together then.

Just as he was getting over being sick with a nasty cough, my daughter came down with a stomach bug out of the blue!  This was a first so it caught me off guard when she woke me up in the middle of the night and had thrown up in bed.  She proceeded to throw up another 2 times, going through 2 sets of sheets and 3 pairs of pj’s.  The next day started out pretty well although she was running on a half a tank.  Since she was in good spirits I decided to run a quick errand for the baby shower I was throwing the next day.  When we got home she was red-faced and clammy.  Soon after she filled up her diaper and it was NOT solid!  I quickly changed her and checked her temp. and sure enough she had a fever of 100.1. It didn’t last long and she didn’t have any more dirty diapers.  It seemed her bug went as quickly as it came!

Now I am battling the same tummy bug in combination with my husbands cough!  LOVELY!!  I am ready to get back on a streak of feeling good most of the time.  It seems as though, feeling well is a rare treat in my life these days..and that just isn’t right.


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