Lately, I have lacked in my desire for a clean and orderly house like no time before.  Which is odd since I have been having to spend more time in my home than usual!  Today, while Mirabelle napped, I decided to was time to get things into gear and do some much needed decluttering.  Now, this does not resolve the much needed cleaning duties but it was a good start.

I decided to take a new approach to my declutter ritual.  Usually I just start zooming from room to room identifying what is out of place and move it to its rightful “home”.  I’ve noticed this takes forever because I get sidetracked in different rooms rather than focusing on one room of the house.  Today, I decided to focus on my adjoining dining room/ living room.  I even decluttered the coat closet!  I took a large laundry basket and put it in the middle of the room.  ANYTHING that was out of place (even if it belonged in the room..unless it was a very quick fix) went into the basket.  I then focused on the coat closet.  Nothing that closet is so full (and small) that it is overflowing to the point we have been piling up its belongings outside its door..including the vacuum for a week now.  Months ago a box of nails spilled on the floor and was never cleaned..till now!  Now all our coats and sweaters for the winter fit in there and so do all my household cleaning tools.  Now the last thing I will need to do is go piece by piece through the basket and put away each item that was “out of place” and I am done.  I eliminated a lot of pacing around my house and time!

Now tomorrow I have to actually clean…. [insert doom and gloom music here!]

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  1. sodarnhappy

    I love baskets. They’re amazing. I have baskets all over my house. It’s one of the first things I look for at thrift stores & garage sales. It helps keep the kids toys under control if I have a basket for them in every room. Then I can have them put the toys in the basket each night. It saves so much time getting the house tidy before bedtime, which I have to have to rest well. I’m a freak. But then once a week or so I re-sort the toys & put them in their bedroom. Then they slowly travel back to their baskets all over the house.

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