Name that Baby!?

Ok no!! This is not some backwards way of announcing that I am pregnant.  I have mentioned before wanting to open up a shop and sell handmade goods on Etsy before  but I really don’t know what to name my shop.  I don’t have a fun enough given name to simply name it after myself so I have been trying to come up with a shop name and I need some help.  My husband and I have not seen eye to eye on some of my ideas in this department and you could all really help clear up this issue for me.

So, I want something catchy, too the point, but something that fits the market too.  I make handmade, off-the wall, craft goods.  Everything from babywearing gear, to clothing, to jewelry, kids products, grocery totes, diaper and wet bags, etc.. these are just some of my numerous ideas.  I will probably be eventually expanding to knit products and eventually toys hopefully as well.

So…that gives you a little bit of an idea of what it will be…

My names are as follows:

a)  Something along the lines that goes with my already penname of 1urbanmom and the shop name would then be: 1 URBAN (or) ONE URBAN and then each sub division or department would then be ONE URBAN BABY (or) ONE URBAN MOM (or) ONE URBAN KID…ACCESSORY..ETC..

b)  My other name idea is a little out there:  “The Bird-Fed Society”  and the tag line would say “..stray from the mundane”.  The thinking behind this is that our general market basically puts forth a standard by which we are forcably asked to fall into line in how we dress…parent..etc.. My offerings would be a little alt-standard so to speak.

c)  ???  IF YOU have any fun great ideas for me I would LOVE and appreciate your feedback. Names..words..anything that could prompt me towards making a decision here.  I am not planning on opening up shop for atleast another month or more while I build up a starting line of various products.  But, I am trying to bring in a little side money and have fun in the process.

Thanks in advance for your input!



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2 responses to “Name that Baby!?

  1. sodarnhappy

    I’m glad you clarified the pregnant part because it was my first thought when I read the title.
    I like a. I like the idea of having separate shops for each category. & I can’t wait to see what you put up. I’m seriously addicted to etsy.

  2. It’s a great idea to tie your shop name with your blog name. My suggestion (but no offense if you don’t take it) is “Urban Made”. Have fun setting up your shop!

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