Ah snap.

(To state the obvious) I haven’t really been posting much lately.  Its not for a lack of wanting to, its mostly contributed to a lack of physically sitting down and doing it.  I feel like I have been streaming consciously tons of ideas I have been dying to write about but when it comes time to actually articulate written thought, I have either forgotten the main premise or simply don’t have enough time to devote to saying what I want to say in a orderly or concise way.

I also have spent some time traveling this past month which has kept me away from the computer and as luck would have it, I forgot to bring my camera along for the journey.  I am terrible about this!  It makes me ashamed to even call myself a former professional photographer since I so rarely make it a priority to shoot these days.

I have some ideas for creating some scheduling/routine to my blogging so I can be a little more consistent in posting come fall (September), with a little wiggle room for random posting of course, but while I take some time to flesh this out I have come up with an idea as to not neglect my corner of the internet.

For the next 35 days, this will be a photo blog.  Each day will be simply a photo submission.  Each title of my post will indicate the theme for that days photo and which number in the count it is.  This should lead me right into Labor day when I make my first “real” post again!  Anyone else want to join me for 35 days of photo blogging?


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