Baby on TV.

This past week we had our first OB appointment for this pregnancy.  Its really strange to be talking about an OB since I have never been under the care of one before.  However, since we have decided to do a hospital-VBAC we will have to use an OB.  I really liked her though and felt very comfortable with her care thus far.  I will definitely be hiring a doula this time around though.

We discussed why I had a c-section with my first pregnancy and she said it sounded like an “induction fail” and we would have no trouble going forward with laboring on this birth.  She will review the charts from the OB who performed my c-section.  Hearing her mention my induction made me squeamish..I was so angry about having to do that but I am past it now.

She went ahead and performed an ultrasound so we were able to see the baby’s heartbeat.  I appreciated that because, since I have so few pregnancy symptoms, I always have so many fears and lingering doubts up until I can see or hear that beautiful heartbeat.  The best part of this ended up being Mirabelle’s reaction to seeing the baby on the screen.  Ever since we found out we were expecting, we have started to drop hints to her that she is going to be a sister so she can start to understand the concept.  Well, when she saw that baby on the screen she cried out “Oh, look!!  There’s the baby!  Yea!!  That’s great!!”.

It made my day!  And she hasn’t stopped talking about it since Wednesday.  Also, when we asked her tonight where Momma’s baby was she said “In Momma’s tummy.”, so it sounds like she is catching on quite well!


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