Quick Catch-up:

Its been a very long time since I have posted on this blog.  I never intended to take such a long break away.  Then it seemed like it was one thing after another! Unfortunately the end of the 1st trimester did not lend way to a relief in symptoms or life’s complications.  So here is a bullet point breakdown of what’s happened the last two months.

– The heartburn and acid reflux got so bad (that I mentioned in my last post) I was able to eat only very soft foods or liquids so my OB sent me to an ENT.  After a very uncomfortable procedure (camera down the throat) they put me on Nexium and it seems to have relieved most of my problems.

– During the worst of it I lost 20 pounds in a 3wk. period of time

–  At my 3 month check-up  I went in complaining about a sore lump on my leg.  It turned out to be a severe case of Staph

– I was checked in to the hospital for 48 hrs. of IV antibotics

– I ended up staying for 6 days and having to have surgery on the wound!

– Haven’t gained any weight back but I’ve stopped losing and I am eating about 60% better than I was when I was down to liquids.

–  With all the drama I have been through thus far this pregnancy, I feel like I have a very negative focus that I did NOT have during my first pregnancy.  I feel like I am worrying constantly ALL THE TIME.  (I feel like every pain, every twinge, or the fact that I don’t really feel the baby move yet (at least I don’t think I have) means something terrible is/has/was/will happen!)

– I am 17weeks and 5 days along now!



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  1. 😦 !!
    I had no idea things have been so rough for you. I hope they get better. Now!

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