Enjoying the Classics..

While we have not prohibited the television from our daughter, we are fiercely discriminate about what she is allowed to watch and how much/how often.  Lately Mirabelle has become a huge fan of some classics from our childhood which we love because, in my opinion, entertainment was just better back then!  Her to current favorites are “Muppets Take Manhattan” and the Sesame Street movie “Follow That Bird”.  Both are from the early 80’s and if you haven’t seen them before they are definitely worth checking out!  Mirabelle sings the songs from them constantly.

We also have been listening to a lot of classic music lately.  Ever since the death of Michael Jackson, and then since seeing the movie “This Is It” (which was awesome btw!!!) we have been listening to his music a lot more.  Every time we get in the car Mirabelle will shout “I wanna hear Michael Jackson!” shortly followed by “Play Smooth Criminal Momma.”.  She can sing along to a lot of his stuff (though when she started singing “I’m Bad, I’m bad, you know it..” we stopped listening to that one!!) including some Jackson 5 songs.

Needless to say, its been fun sharing my youth with her!


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