Looking back..and changing the future.

The 2009 Goals List

FAIL! 1. Lose weight

  • follow the Weight Watchers plan (which I am currently on) or begin meeting with a nutritionist and follow a personalized plan
  • no more sodas (including diet)
  • exercise- use gym membership, run every day, meet with a trainer for 10 sessions to jump start wellness plan
  • train for my first mini-marathon (to be accomplished first of 2010)
  • eat out only 2 meals a week and cook only fresh, unprocessed foods

60% COMPLETE 2.  Switch to safe, organic household cleaners (all toxic cleaners will be thrown out on New Years day)

IMPLEMENTED BUT GOT LAZY ON THIS ONE! 3.  Create a flexible daily routine for me and my daughter so that I am maximizing on time spent with her while also getting household chores done.

FAIL! 4.  Finish Wedding Scrapbook

FAIL! 5.  Start my Etsy shop

ACCOMPLISHED! 6.  Learn to knit

ACCOMPLISHED! 7.  Get pregnant with baby #2

FAIL! 8.  Take a digital photography course (refresher and so I can better use my Nikon)

and…more to come!


So it’s a new year and I have been reflecting a lot on this past year.  Being a natural pessimist, its easy for me to look back on last year and consider it a big fat failure full of disappointments and missed opportunities.  This is very honestly how I began my year-in-review when it hit me what my ONE goal was for this year.  In 2010 I will focus on being positive and content.

I’m tired of finding myself disappointed with life, unsatisfied, and in search of something better, rather than relishing in the blessings that are here and now.  I have spent so much time essentially saying to God, “What you have given me, it’s just not enough; nothing is good in my life.” and yet I wonder why he hasn’t entrusted me with more!  This year I will say, YOU LORD are enough.  My marriage is enough, my family is enough, my body is enough, my home is enough, my gifts are enough, my shortcomings are enough.

While I don’t want to stay stagnant, I do want to grow as an individual, I will not spend anymore time with my head hung because I don’t measure up to “Supermom A and B”.  I will not use them as a measuring stick either!  Rather, I will draw ideas and gain wisdom from others who I admire and become the wife/mom that I NEED TO BE!


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  1. Kim the Cybersurfing Junkie

    Losing weight is anyone’s goal every single year. This year, I decided to change my strategy. I discovered that I’m perfectly happy with my shape–even if it isn’t what it was in college. But I also rediscovered my love for cycling. I have a bike like this: http://schwinnusa.com/allschwinn_3403201_B0021I150I_Schwinn-Coronado-Womens-Comfort-Bike-26-Inch-Wheels.html, which I haven’t ridden in years. My bike and I shared a lot of “me” times that I completely miss.

    So this year, I resolve to spend more time cycling. Not so much to lose weight, but to feel healthier–and to get that extra boost of energy that exercise gives.

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