Birthing from Within

I have learned a lot from this pregnancy, not only in the experiences of the day to day physical and spiritual growth through it, but I have spent a ton of time doing research this time around.  My research has been based in learning from what I experienced in my first birth experience, healing from birth trauma in areas I could tell were still a little raw from last time, and then also preparing and learning about new information in preparation for this upcoming birth.

During my pregnancy with Mirabelle I purchased a copy of “Birthing from Within” on the recommendation from a friend.  I started reading through it from cover to cover.  I tried reading it with an open mind but to be perfectly honest, 1/3 of the way in I decided I was done with “that new age garbage”.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I found a lot of value in much of the information I had read.  I think birth art is a great way to express pending thoughts and fears and release those, as well as connect you with your child.  I also love the Motherblessing ceremony/Blessingway.  We practice these at my church and one (my 2nd)will be hosted in my honor this coming Saturday.

It was during this pregnancy that I was reading another mom’s blog when I was inspired to pull back out my copy of “Birthing From Within”.  So, I dusted of the cover, skipped past to sections undiscovered and found a world unknown by me.  I learned there was invaluable information in this book, and had I given it a chance last pregnancy, I could have learned so much that could have helped in ways beyond my imagination now.

During my last pregnancy I was so avoidant of the possibility that a cescersan could happen to me that I skipped any reading or research on it.  I was ill prepared for both the surgery and the emotional scaring that would incur from that experience.  Not to mention, had I more thourghly read a book such as this one, I would have been more prepared for how I would have been treated in the hospital and the policies that are in place, as well as my options there.

In reading “Birthing From Within” these last couple months, I have especially concentrated on the chapters focuses on birthing through pain, positions in birth, and helping to better define my husbands role in labor.  Within these sections I have learned tons about how to write a more thurough birth plan as well as prepare for the possibility of a repeat ceserean birth.  In the case of another c-section however, they discuss how to make that a birth experience in itself rather than just another surgery (or loss of self and a loss of a birth experience which it often feels like instead).

In writing my birth plan, I added elements such as laboring in my own clothing, using upright positions to push in, not being timed for labor, immediate skin to skin contact, having DH or myself help catch baby, having APGAR testing be performed while baby is skin to skin, and several other non-standard practices.  I was much more “go-with-the-flow” at my last hospital birth which resulted in me having to fight for the immediate rooming-in we were promised in the first place!  So, this time, I’ve left no room for them to even remove him from my presence!  I have also attempted to try and add several elements to my labor that I would enjoy/benefit from in a home birth.

I am 38 weeks along today and growing more anxious each and every day to meet him.  Mirabelle told me the other day she was tired of waiting for her brother, she wants him to come NOW!  I concur..  Just as I felt last time, I am truly anxious and looking forward to the birthing experience, and can honestly say I am ready for just about ANYTHING and will take it as it comes.  The Lord has been good to us in blessing us with this 2nd child and however he must come into the world, I am ready for!



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2 responses to “Birthing from Within

  1. yay! I didn’t realize you were getting so close! Talk about time flying & all that. I was the kind of person that has to stay away from a lot of birth material or I’d get freaked out. I read Ina May’s guide to childbirth but restrained myself from exposure to anything else. But I’m the type of person that lets everything get to my head. I play out these awful scenarios of what could happen if…. it’s a disease. 😛

  2. I’m glad you read that book, it’s one of my favourites! And I’m so happy that you are going into this birth with a more balanced perspective, it will help you so much. One thing I’ve learned in my journey to becoming a doula, is that it is more about your attitude and preparedness, than what actually happens, that determines your satisfaction with your birth.

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