About Me


I am probably not what you would call your typical mom…but that probably depends on your perspective. I am a SAHM, into attachment parenting (that basically means we demand-feed, co-sleep, baby-wear, use positive discipline, breastfeeding (no bottles), and child-led weaning), natural family living, and clean-eating.  I am anti-plastics and hope to have a plastic-free home by 2009. I am also a huge advocate for cloth-diapering.

My hobbies are in a transitional season right now. I am currently learning to knit, sew, and crochet all at the same time! I used to work as a professional photographer, which I now enjoy doing as a hobby rather than a career. I also dabble in scrapbooking, but I stink in my personal opinion!

I love my husband and my daughter is amazing…I can’t wait to have more, though I sure do love my time spent focusing on just the one for now. My husband was my high school sweetheart! He is the pastor/church planter of a non-denominational Christian church here in town. We are a reformed congregation trying to live life as Jesus ACTUALLY taught us to..in community with one another but ALSO with the world while living a simple and humble existence.


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