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Night-Weaning (Updated)

Night-Weaning went from going almost too smoothly (which made me suspicious since NOTHING about Mirabelle’s sleep her entire life has been easy), to rough, to non-existent.  That’s right, I committed the cardinal sin of CAVING as a result of exhaustion.  On Wednesday she woke up multiple times in the bed and would sit up screaming “NURSE” and when I would as her to lay back down and explain that we would nurse in the morning she would say “no Momma, PLEASE- NURSE!”.  So I caved.  The Attachment Parent in me started feeling like this wasn’t feeling right.

I know (hope)  that at some point this year I’ll be pregnant again and based on what I have seen in both friends and have read and heard, it sounds like she will wean completed during the pregnancy because you eventually lose your milk.  I know this isn’t necessarily true for all I am hoping it will be the case for us because I am not up for tandem nursing..especially if I am needing to meet the demands of a newborn and my night-waking toddler.

The one thing that I DO need to figure out (night-weaning or not) is how I can get my husband into the nighttime parenting mix.  Right now my daughter will not allow him to have any part of the night time parenting what-so-ever!  Its terrible for ALL OF US.  She loves him and is definitely bonded to him but not when it has anything to do with sleep.  Last night after I nursed her before bed he took her to her bed to get her to sleep and she laid in there and screamed and cried for about 45 minutes.  He finally brought her back out to me to nurse again and luckily she did pass out.  I think that is going to need to be our first step though in integrating him into nighttime parenting.  As Dr. Sears says, its ok for your child to cry as long as they aren’t crying alone.  If he is snuggling her in the bed and trying to soothe her to sleep and she needs to cry we are going to have to be ok with that.  So often in the past I have come in to “rescue” her and I know that’s what she is waiting for.  For now I will continue to go in and nurse her during the night but I think I will turn over the bedtime routine post-nursing to him.

Thanks for listening to my rambling as I work this out on “paper”.  Any thoughts, opinions, or ideas..feel free to share!


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I came to a place a few weeks ago where I just couldn’t handle the relentless night-nursing anymore and decided it was time to wean from our night time buffet.  If it was once (even the occasional twice) a night I could handle that, but I am often going in 3-5 times a night.  Its exhausting, especially since we are talking about a 20 month old toddler!  After getting some advice on methods to weaning, I started 3 nights ago.  The first 2 nights went great.  When she wakes during the night I go in and she will usually say “nurse” (in the cutest, whiny voice) but now I tell her that she can nurse tomorrow when the sun is out and she snuggles me in the bed and goes back to sleep.  Last night she had a lot more trouble going down but I am hoping with time it will get easier.

Mirabelle hit the 20 month mark yesterday!  I remember saying that I wanted to child-led wean as long as she weaned by age 2 and that is just around the corner now.  I honestly don’t know if I can see weaning her in 4 months nor do I think I would mind if she didn’t.  Even though there have been many rough patches in our breastfeeding journey, its been wonderful and I am so glad I stuck with it through the challenges!

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