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I moved!


After a year of spotty blogging here I decided, rather than try and bring this page back from the dead, why not start fresh on a new page all together.  New page, new attitude, NEW BABY!!  That’s right..Baby #2 (Levi Haddon) has arrived and you can hear more about it HERE!

Thanks for stickin’ with me guys!


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Earth Day 2009= Blah..

I was so disappointed this year with Earth Day.  I had literally been looking forward to Earth Day since last year.  For me ED is like a “Green New Years” where you get a fresh start, set aside and make amends to your life for the future, and celebrate God’s amazing creation!  I committed to something pretty radical (for me).  I decided the night before that on Earth Day I was to do no chores, errands, or anything else that was not “life-giving” or fun; especially for my daughter.  Yesterday, Mirabelle woke up much earlier than usual which always throws me for a loop.  I forgot I had scheduled a doctors appointment for myself but it would be a quick one.  I had planned a breakfast out that ended up being a breakfast in that was very rushed as I ran around trying to put an outfit together and make it to the appointment on time.  We ended up 10 minutes late because of parking issues which really frustrated me so we were really off to a bad start for the day.  The appointment didn’t got well because my daughter was constantly moving and running her mouth as I tried to answer questions for the doctor and quiet her.  Having blood drawn with her squirming on my lap was even MORE interesting but I won’t get into that.

After that she was already showing signs of tiredness so we headed home for a pit-stop where she actually quickly passed out for an early nap!  This really threw off my plans for the day so I decided to start cleaning (not reading or doing something earth-friendly like, I organized my office and bedroom). Once Mirabelle woke up from her nap we headed out the door with plans of hitting up our favorite park.  Suddenly I remembered I needed to make a return to a shop in the same area and figured it would be quick and easy…WRONG!  I was there for almost a half an hour, ended up buying something else and Mirabelle of course threw one of her now famous tantrums!  Back on the road and we get a call from Daddy to meet him for lunch.  This seemed like a wonderful pit-stop and it was.  We enjoyed a surprise family lunch together at one of our favorite Tex-Mex spots.  By the time we were leaving though it was the hottest time of day (90 deg.) and we were just about out of water in M’s water cup.

I entered the freeway and sure enough the traffic was awful for the route towards our favorite park, so we headed towards home and I decided we would play at a park closer to home.  When we got there I remembered why we never go there.  The equipment is just too big for a 21 month old and it was terribly hot and not well shaded!  After 10 minutes Mirabelle was done.  I had grand ideas for doing an art project later in the day and gardening when the temperature dropped but we did neither.  We didn’t participate in any of the community happenings or make any grand plans for changes for the coming year.

As compared to last year, this Earth Day was definitely blah!  I am hoping to put more of an emphasis next year on the day.

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The season is upon us..

Here in Houston, its rare that we get to enjoy weather that comes close to resembling winter..but the last few weeks have been blissfuly cold.  Last week, it even snowed!  Its the perfect weather for playing in the yard, rolling around in the freshly fallen leaves, and crafting!  I had taken a brief break from sewing projects but tomorrow I am going to get back to work on a few final christmas gift projects.  Once I am through with those I can move on to some projects that I have been dying to try just for fun.  My christmas list is mostly comprised of crafting, sewing, DIY, and knitting books, a few patterns, and various supplies.  I have been so inspired by some great ladies in my life, wonderful crafting blogs, and just life as it happens around me.  I see color, patterns, and textures in new ways.  I also have a new crazy love affair with fabric..its a sickness really!

Here are a few snapshots of a rare Houston Christmas season as well as my precious baby girl playing dress-up with Momma’s scarf and hat.

Snowy Cat tailsSnow covered carsAll Wrapped UpHats off to you


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