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Sick of being sick.

I am finding my body is beginning to repeat some patterns caused by dietary choices that make me sick.  Before I was pregnant with my daughter, I had finally committed to becoming an ovo-lacto vegetarian (though I was planning to drop the dairy and possiably the eggs over the course of  my first year transition).  One month in I found out that I was pregnant and I was talked out of continuing my diteary lifestyle changes during such a time of life as my first pregnancy.  I allowed the fears of nutirional deficiency cloud my better judgement and resumed eating as I have my entire life.

What had prompted me cut out animal protien is that I have struggled for years (and possiably longer) with health problems that I can clearly account to ingesting meat.  I particularly struggle with eating pork and red meat and rarely eat these already.  I actually really enjoy eating chicken and seafood so the sacrifice will truly be for the sake of my health.

Now that I am almost 2 years post-pregnancy and drawing close to the end of nursing I have been noticing over the last 6 months in particular that I am having a hightened intolerance to meats and milk products again.  I would almost venture to say that it is WORSE than I remember it being before!  I know it won’t sound like much, but the month long bent I spent eating as a vegetarian were the best days I have experienced in a decade.  I haven’t felt that healthy, energetic, and clean (I felt clean inside and out-not bogged down like I normally feel) since!

I really think its time for me to start eating vegetarian again but it poses the in the world do I feed my family?  There is no way my husband is going to be able to eat as a vegetarian and my daughter may do well but I am torn whether to adapt her to a vegetarian diet or keep animal protien in her diet.  She has ONLY been introduced to chicken.  There is always the “Vegan till 6” program that some ladies were doing as a result of reading the Mark Bittman book “Food Matters”.  This would mean I would be greatly reducing my current diet dependency on animal protiens and would only ingest meats or dairy, etc.. when we are eating together as a family for dinner.  If this does not create the health changes I am looking for I can always go a more extreem elimination path.

I am just so tired of feeling sick ALL THE TIME!  I am tired of feeling tired.  I am sick of rushing to the restroom with nausea and stomach cramps 30 minutes and beyond after most meals or encounters with dairy laden drinks.  I think my diet also has alot to do with my inability to grow hair (my hair grows crazy slow despite taking vitamins and taking good care of it!).  I can’t sleep even when my daughter IS, which in turn causes me to be too tired to do the things I want to do with her, not to mention, too tired to exercise regularly for weight loss.

It’s definitely time for change..even if it complicates my dinner schedule and gets me funny looks from family and friends!  I am ready to start living again with at least a smidge of the energy and zeal for life I had 10 years ago!


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A New Favorite.

Sea CrackersWhile shopping at Whole Foods the other day I was searching for some good healthy snacks to keep stashed in the pantry.  If I am going to snack I am usually on the hunt for a salty snack so I often keep rice cakes and crackers on hand for the munchies.  On this particular trip I reached for a bag of goodies that caught my eye.  I am a sucker for good design (especially when it comes to packaging) and the brand name caught my eye.

Two Moms in the Raw is a great company with an amazing story.  You can even read a little about it right on the package!  Shari was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and set out to find natural methods for healing.  She did this though some major diet changes and came up with some amazing recipes we now get to enjoy!  Her food is 100% raw, organic, and vegan.  The sea crackers I purchased were gluten free as well!  They also tasted 100% AMAZING!!  My daughter and I have been munching on them all week but trying to concerve them as best we can because they are a bit pricey.  Even my super picky husband loves them!  Make sure to hit the link and check out Shari’s company and try out some of her scrumptious raw goodies!

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Holy Buffalo!

*Beware:  I am feeling like a bit of a foodie this week because I realized as I sat down to catch up on blogging, that the next 3 posts are going to be about food!  Your probably going to leave hungry.

burgerOver the last few months I have been working extra hard at systematizing my life, and particularly, my household.  This has been pretty challenging because after living “off the cuff” for so long I am finding it hard to get to a good square one position.  One department that desperately needed some organization was any and all kitchen activity and storage.  I created a weekly rotating meal schedule for the month which has me cooking 5 days a week.  One day a week we eat leftovers and the other day is a wild card (for either leftovers or eating out).  Weeks 1 and 3 are the same as is weeks 2 and 4.  The rare 5th week of the month has some fun menu items.  Now I say fun, but fun is an interesting word to use in relation to my meal calender.  My husband is one of the pickiest eaters you will EVER meet..kid you not!!  Then there is my daughter, she is somewhat adventuresome but has only been eating solids for a year now and still is limited in some of her menu items.  I have had to go to great lengths to create a menu that is not boring, relatively quick on the prep-time, balanced, and nutritious.

I do not eat cow meat or pork and I am not feeding my daughter these meats either.  So, basically the only animal protien she has ingested is chicken and turkey.  For a burger alternative last month I made Turkey Burgers.  As for myself and my daughter, it was great!  My husband was far from impressed.  So this month I bought some ground buffalo.  They turned out great and made for a great alternative to a regular hamburger!  You can read about the health benefits of buffalo and how it compares to beef here.

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Eat This!

saladOne of my favorite local blogs, The Houstonist, posted a great article yesterday about local health food restaurants around town.  A couple years ago my hometown of Houston was named the fattest city in the country 2 years running!!  Since then, as a city, great efforts have been made to get our name as detached from this not-so honored status.  The article highlights some amazing restaurants around town that are dedicated to maintaining a more stellar reputation.  Texans as a whole eat out more than any other state, but until recently, it has been very difficult to find a decent health food restaurant.  Even the salad bars are packed with calories!

Most of the restaurants listed in this article I have heard of or seen popping up around town.  I have decided to go on a healthy restaurant tour.  I will visit each one and post pictures and reviews.  What I am really curious to find out is if any of these restaurants will be kid-friendly.  So often restaurants are not kid-friendly in general and the kids menu is nothing but pasta, fried food, and sugar.  So, that will definitely be something I will be looking for as part of my review.

You can check out the article for yourself here!

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Snapshot Sunday (3.15.09)

The other day I purchased a great find.  Its just about the best tasting apple butter ever!  I am super picky about my daughter’s diet..particularly her sugar intake but I decided to let her share in my indulgence.  She was also quite impressed!

Applebutter BreakfastEnjoying the sweetness

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World’s Clumsiest Mom!

I have never been know for my delicate grace!  But, last night had to be the worst clumsy moment I’ve had in a LONG time!  We were eating dinner at the table together.  I have been feeling really tired the last few days and when I went to take a sip of my milk my glass slipped right out of my hand and landed on my dinner plate.  If that wasn’t loud and dramatic enough,  it broke my dinner place into 4 pieces!!  We all sat there in disbelief for a few seconds and then erupted into laughter.



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Applesauce Muffins

If you haven’t checked out Jessica Seinfeld’s not so new cookbook “Deceptively Delicious”  your missing out!  Jessica is the wife of comedian/actor Jerry Seinfeld, but she is making waves all by herself!  The layout of the is book super simple and she makes cooking for even the most novice chef’s easy peasy!  The basis of the book is to get your picky eaters to eat good foods by hiding pureed fruits and vegetables, cooking light, and using whole grains and lean proteins.  We have used two recipes thus far and they have been a huge hit!  My daughter is not against eating fruits and vegetables necessarily but she does NOT like proteins or green veggies.  My husband is the real chore to cook for and he has enjoyed both recipes I have cooked thus far.

The first night I made Chicken Nuggets.  The chicken breast tenders were cubed, rolled in a spinach puree, flax seed meal, some other spices, and then rolled in whole-wheat breadcrumbs.  Then they are cooked stove top in a small amount of olive oil.  My daughter and husband LOVED them!!  After the great success that the chicken recipe was, I decided next to try out a breakfast food.  There was a great recipe for applesauce muffins made with a butternut squash puree.  Mirabelle’s favorite veggie is butternut squash so I knew this would be a hit!  These are topped off with a sweet, crunchy strudel topping which makes these muffins extra yummy.  My only complaint was that these were a tad on the dry side but my daughter devoured her muffin and wanted more!

I definitely recommed purchasing this book and there is a website with more recipes @

Applesauce Muffins

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