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Quick Catch-up:

Its been a very long time since I have posted on this blog.  I never intended to take such a long break away.  Then it seemed like it was one thing after another! Unfortunately the end of the 1st trimester did not lend way to a relief in symptoms or life’s complications.  So here is a bullet point breakdown of what’s happened the last two months.

– The heartburn and acid reflux got so bad (that I mentioned in my last post) I was able to eat only very soft foods or liquids so my OB sent me to an ENT.  After a very uncomfortable procedure (camera down the throat) they put me on Nexium and it seems to have relieved most of my problems.

– During the worst of it I lost 20 pounds in a 3wk. period of time

–  At my 3 month check-up  I went in complaining about a sore lump on my leg.  It turned out to be a severe case of Staph

– I was checked in to the hospital for 48 hrs. of IV antibotics

– I ended up staying for 6 days and having to have surgery on the wound!

– Haven’t gained any weight back but I’ve stopped losing and I am eating about 60% better than I was when I was down to liquids.

–  With all the drama I have been through thus far this pregnancy, I feel like I have a very negative focus that I did NOT have during my first pregnancy.  I feel like I am worrying constantly ALL THE TIME.  (I feel like every pain, every twinge, or the fact that I don’t really feel the baby move yet (at least I don’t think I have) means something terrible is/has/was/will happen!)

– I am 17weeks and 5 days along now!



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oh the joy…

That 1st trimester is full of joy, which I say with both honesty and scarcasm!  I love being pregnant and am so excited about the coming addition to our family!  However, this pregnancy thus far has proven to be a bit more eventful.  As usual, I am dealing with the normal severe exahustion.  I wake up tired, take a nap midday with my toddler, and then go to bed tired in the evening.  But, I am also struggling with a lot of heartburn.  It became so severe recently that I started having trouble eating.  When I would try to swallow my food it would feel as if I was choking!  It was the oddest thing I have ever experienced.  I am on a course of Nexium that should help correct this.  I am ready to hit that 2nd trimester already and start getting my baby bump and start getting my energy back!

To add insult to injury, I am fighting my first cold of the season…my wonderful MIL took my daughter for the afternoon so I could rest.  I just woke from a nap and I think I am going to take advantage of the peace by finishing up my “Creative Family” book and start “Dirt”.

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A week full of firsts!

That’s right, my daughter Mirabelle experienced a handful of firsts last Wednesday and not one of them was fun or exciting!  So, here’s how it all went down:

Wednesday around noon, we had just returned from running tons of errands and my baby girl was ready for lunch and requesting mac’n cheese.  We walked in the door and she promptly crawled up into one of our dining room chairs to sit and wait while I cooked up lunch.  I sat in front of her a water cup and a toy and walked into the kitchen.  Just in the amount of time it took me to walk into the kitchen, open the pantry, and get down a box of pasta, she managed to fall out of her chair and hit the floor.  When I heard the “boom” I went bounding back into the dining room to check on her a few steps away.  By now she was screaming.  When I got to her and started to pick her up I noticed her hand next to her face and a pen in her hand.  As I lifted her from the floor she pulled the ball-point pen away from her face and the blood started to flow!!

Apparently, there was a pen that had been left on the table from the morning that she found.  She told me later she was “coloring” with it and then when she fell out of the chair, she had it in her right hand and she fell on her right side…the pen then punctured her right cheek!  The cheek was instantly doubling (if not tripling) in size and we ran back to the kitchen for a rag to put a compression against the wound.

I ran back to get my cell phone (my ONLY phone) and decided a hole in the face definitely deserved a call to 911.  After trying several times to dial out my phone would NOT dial out a call.  I found out later that for some reason the software was acting up and had to be rebooted.  Talk about bad timing!  I then had to run out of my house with my screaming, bleeding daughter and go door-to-door until I could find someone home who would let me call EMS.  After trying 3 houses I found someone home and was able to call EMS and my husband.  It only took both of them 7 minutes to arrive and we all rode down to Texas Children’s Hospital.  One of the great things about living in Houston is that we have one of THE best medical centers in the country.  We were put in a room immediately and examined shortly thereafter.

The EMS workers were very sweet and helped me peel away my “Worst Mom of the Year” badge.  It only took me about 10 minutes to get over that and not care about what people might think.  God was definitely looking over my precious girl in a moment when I could not because the pen did NOT puncture all the way through the cheek; it only went through the outer tissue.  Also, there are two main nerves that run through the cheek that control most of the facial and mouth movements and she hit BETWEEN them so there was no nerve damage whatsoever!

She did need 5 stitches though and the doctor said it would be cruel to do it any other way other than by means of sedation.  It was a type of sedation where her mind was asleep and her pain sensation was thus disengaged, however she was technically awake and fully capable of bodily movements, etc..  We had to wait about 5 hours for this procedure because of when she had last had food and water.  It was a long wait for a nursing girl but she was a trooper; iphones with pictures and the TV w/ cartoons helped a lot!

Tonight the stitches and scab fell off so now we just have to do our best to make sure her scar heals pretty over the next year which means lots of hats and sunscreen in the sun!

So, my girl experienced her first major accident and survived it (and so did Momma!), first ride in an Ambulance, first ER visit, first sedation/anesthesia, first IV, first stitches, and first sugary Popsicle!  Hoping the next won’t be for a long time..if ever (especially the!).

Our bo-bo girl after getting poked and prooded.  She was mad!

Our bo-bo girl after getting poked and prooded. She was mad!

All Sewed up!  Still a little "drunk" from sedation and very happy about the popcicle!

All Sewed up! Still a little "drunk" from sedation and very happy about the popcicle!

I treated her to some Starbucks oatmeal the other morning.  You can see the swelling is significantly less and the bruising is yellow which is the end of the lifecycle.

I treated her to some Starbucks oatmeal the other morning. You can see the swelling is significantly less and the bruising is yellow which is the end of the lifecycle.


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Sick Weekend. get two whiny, “I don’t feel well!” post in a row.  Also, I realized I have neglected my “Snapshot Sunday” regular post now for two weeks straight (if you count today).  Its been a pretty off 2 weeks from a health perspective, not to mention schedule-wise in our household.

With my husband being the lead pastor of a church, Holy Week is THE busiest time on the church calendar (with Advent and Christmas Eve running a close 2nd).  As the week progressed I grew more and more disconnected from him it seemed.  Between meetings, stressing over large “to-do” lists, additional traditional mid-week services, and sermon writing, its been pretty hectic.  Next week doesn’t necessarily get any easier either!  He has tickets to a basketball game till late one night, then out of town all day the next day.  Luckily he has decided to take tomorrow off from work so it will be nice to reconnect and spend some time together then.

Just as he was getting over being sick with a nasty cough, my daughter came down with a stomach bug out of the blue!  This was a first so it caught me off guard when she woke me up in the middle of the night and had thrown up in bed.  She proceeded to throw up another 2 times, going through 2 sets of sheets and 3 pairs of pj’s.  The next day started out pretty well although she was running on a half a tank.  Since she was in good spirits I decided to run a quick errand for the baby shower I was throwing the next day.  When we got home she was red-faced and clammy.  Soon after she filled up her diaper and it was NOT solid!  I quickly changed her and checked her temp. and sure enough she had a fever of 100.1. It didn’t last long and she didn’t have any more dirty diapers.  It seemed her bug went as quickly as it came!

Now I am battling the same tummy bug in combination with my husbands cough!  LOVELY!!  I am ready to get back on a streak of feeling good most of the time.  It seems as though, feeling well is a rare treat in my life these days..and that just isn’t right.

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Sick of being sick.

I am finding my body is beginning to repeat some patterns caused by dietary choices that make me sick.  Before I was pregnant with my daughter, I had finally committed to becoming an ovo-lacto vegetarian (though I was planning to drop the dairy and possiably the eggs over the course of  my first year transition).  One month in I found out that I was pregnant and I was talked out of continuing my diteary lifestyle changes during such a time of life as my first pregnancy.  I allowed the fears of nutirional deficiency cloud my better judgement and resumed eating as I have my entire life.

What had prompted me cut out animal protien is that I have struggled for years (and possiably longer) with health problems that I can clearly account to ingesting meat.  I particularly struggle with eating pork and red meat and rarely eat these already.  I actually really enjoy eating chicken and seafood so the sacrifice will truly be for the sake of my health.

Now that I am almost 2 years post-pregnancy and drawing close to the end of nursing I have been noticing over the last 6 months in particular that I am having a hightened intolerance to meats and milk products again.  I would almost venture to say that it is WORSE than I remember it being before!  I know it won’t sound like much, but the month long bent I spent eating as a vegetarian were the best days I have experienced in a decade.  I haven’t felt that healthy, energetic, and clean (I felt clean inside and out-not bogged down like I normally feel) since!

I really think its time for me to start eating vegetarian again but it poses the in the world do I feed my family?  There is no way my husband is going to be able to eat as a vegetarian and my daughter may do well but I am torn whether to adapt her to a vegetarian diet or keep animal protien in her diet.  She has ONLY been introduced to chicken.  There is always the “Vegan till 6” program that some ladies were doing as a result of reading the Mark Bittman book “Food Matters”.  This would mean I would be greatly reducing my current diet dependency on animal protiens and would only ingest meats or dairy, etc.. when we are eating together as a family for dinner.  If this does not create the health changes I am looking for I can always go a more extreem elimination path.

I am just so tired of feeling sick ALL THE TIME!  I am tired of feeling tired.  I am sick of rushing to the restroom with nausea and stomach cramps 30 minutes and beyond after most meals or encounters with dairy laden drinks.  I think my diet also has alot to do with my inability to grow hair (my hair grows crazy slow despite taking vitamins and taking good care of it!).  I can’t sleep even when my daughter IS, which in turn causes me to be too tired to do the things I want to do with her, not to mention, too tired to exercise regularly for weight loss.

It’s definitely time for change..even if it complicates my dinner schedule and gets me funny looks from family and friends!  I am ready to start living again with at least a smidge of the energy and zeal for life I had 10 years ago!

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Holy Buffalo!

*Beware:  I am feeling like a bit of a foodie this week because I realized as I sat down to catch up on blogging, that the next 3 posts are going to be about food!  Your probably going to leave hungry.

burgerOver the last few months I have been working extra hard at systematizing my life, and particularly, my household.  This has been pretty challenging because after living “off the cuff” for so long I am finding it hard to get to a good square one position.  One department that desperately needed some organization was any and all kitchen activity and storage.  I created a weekly rotating meal schedule for the month which has me cooking 5 days a week.  One day a week we eat leftovers and the other day is a wild card (for either leftovers or eating out).  Weeks 1 and 3 are the same as is weeks 2 and 4.  The rare 5th week of the month has some fun menu items.  Now I say fun, but fun is an interesting word to use in relation to my meal calender.  My husband is one of the pickiest eaters you will EVER meet..kid you not!!  Then there is my daughter, she is somewhat adventuresome but has only been eating solids for a year now and still is limited in some of her menu items.  I have had to go to great lengths to create a menu that is not boring, relatively quick on the prep-time, balanced, and nutritious.

I do not eat cow meat or pork and I am not feeding my daughter these meats either.  So, basically the only animal protien she has ingested is chicken and turkey.  For a burger alternative last month I made Turkey Burgers.  As for myself and my daughter, it was great!  My husband was far from impressed.  So this month I bought some ground buffalo.  They turned out great and made for a great alternative to a regular hamburger!  You can read about the health benefits of buffalo and how it compares to beef here.

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Rear-facing vs. Forward-facing carseats

I was wasting time on Facebook today for a couple minutes after M. went down for a nap. I noticed an old friend who had a baby last year had posted new pictures of him at 7 months old. One picture in the album made my jaw drop! Amidst all the cute shots showing off new outfits and playtime with Daddy was a picture riding in his car seat in the car. His convertible car seat was forward-facing and the caption read “He loves riding forward in his car seat!”. Before letting my negative opinion get away from me I double-checked his age and he is in fact only 7 months old.

The law states a forward-facing car seat should only be used for children who weigh more than 20 pounds and are at least 1 year old. That means your child should fulfill both of those conditions before you get a forward-facing seat instead of a rear-facing seat.

My benefit of doubt is that, perhaps she was misinformed and believed that since he had hit the weight requirement that he was ready for a seat change. This is just a hypothesis… I can’t help but think the best of any good mom’s intentions since I think she is a good and loving mom from what I see. The problem is that I don’t have enough of a relationship with her to question this I fear.

Regardless, I bring this here to say…if you ever found yourself wondering when to make the switch. Consider the visual facts from watching the video below.

Disclaimer: This is to state that I do not believe there is anything ethically wrong with turning your 20 pound, 12 month old baby around. I’m sure the standards by the state have been carefully scrutinized and designed for the health and well-being of our children.


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