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Lately, I have lacked in my desire for a clean and orderly house like no time before.  Which is odd since I have been having to spend more time in my home than usual!  Today, while Mirabelle napped, I decided to was time to get things into gear and do some much needed decluttering.  Now, this does not resolve the much needed cleaning duties but it was a good start.

I decided to take a new approach to my declutter ritual.  Usually I just start zooming from room to room identifying what is out of place and move it to its rightful “home”.  I’ve noticed this takes forever because I get sidetracked in different rooms rather than focusing on one room of the house.  Today, I decided to focus on my adjoining dining room/ living room.  I even decluttered the coat closet!  I took a large laundry basket and put it in the middle of the room.  ANYTHING that was out of place (even if it belonged in the room..unless it was a very quick fix) went into the basket.  I then focused on the coat closet.  Nothing that closet is so full (and small) that it is overflowing to the point we have been piling up its belongings outside its door..including the vacuum for a week now.  Months ago a box of nails spilled on the floor and was never cleaned..till now!  Now all our coats and sweaters for the winter fit in there and so do all my household cleaning tools.  Now the last thing I will need to do is go piece by piece through the basket and put away each item that was “out of place” and I am done.  I eliminated a lot of pacing around my house and time!

Now tomorrow I have to actually clean…. [insert doom and gloom music here!]


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ModKatThere are few things that come to my email in-box that bring me joy.  One that does is my daily dose of Apartment Therapy!  Today I received an email about a new product called ModKat.  I was instantly intrigued and decided I just might need to purchase one.  That was before I found out they are way out of my price range!  That doesn’t change the fact that this is a great design.

So, I am pretty sure I am going to try and create a like model myself out of plywood.  Guess I need to get to cutting me some wood!

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Holy Buffalo!

*Beware:  I am feeling like a bit of a foodie this week because I realized as I sat down to catch up on blogging, that the next 3 posts are going to be about food!  Your probably going to leave hungry.

burgerOver the last few months I have been working extra hard at systematizing my life, and particularly, my household.  This has been pretty challenging because after living “off the cuff” for so long I am finding it hard to get to a good square one position.  One department that desperately needed some organization was any and all kitchen activity and storage.  I created a weekly rotating meal schedule for the month which has me cooking 5 days a week.  One day a week we eat leftovers and the other day is a wild card (for either leftovers or eating out).  Weeks 1 and 3 are the same as is weeks 2 and 4.  The rare 5th week of the month has some fun menu items.  Now I say fun, but fun is an interesting word to use in relation to my meal calender.  My husband is one of the pickiest eaters you will EVER meet..kid you not!!  Then there is my daughter, she is somewhat adventuresome but has only been eating solids for a year now and still is limited in some of her menu items.  I have had to go to great lengths to create a menu that is not boring, relatively quick on the prep-time, balanced, and nutritious.

I do not eat cow meat or pork and I am not feeding my daughter these meats either.  So, basically the only animal protien she has ingested is chicken and turkey.  For a burger alternative last month I made Turkey Burgers.  As for myself and my daughter, it was great!  My husband was far from impressed.  So this month I bought some ground buffalo.  They turned out great and made for a great alternative to a regular hamburger!  You can read about the health benefits of buffalo and how it compares to beef here.

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a sullen more

SullenIt wasn’t the first time the thought has crossed my mind but today it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Most of the time I find myself tired, haggard, sulking, sad, and looking only at the short-comings of my life.  Lets face it, no matter how wonderful our lives are or how positive our outlook is we all have experienced disappointment, set aside dreams when reality got in the way, or found ourselves unequipped to do the things we desire.  Too often I find myself believing I am somehow unique in this phenomenon and perhaps at times even feeling cursed to fail and miss out on a regular basis.  But, I am not unique.  Even more revealing to me today was that my perception is the only true problem here!

Sure, it would probably make me blissfully happy if my car floorboards didn’t fill with water when it rains (and I live in Houston- rain is not a stranger to these parts), or if I looked different, if I had a bigger house with more storage space so I could put everything in its place and ACTUALLY be able to access it when I need it, or if I had more friends that I could grow close to beyond the superficial level, and the list goes on.  The truth is, I can sit around and wait and hope for these things to happen (some may come and others not) while continuing to greet each day with a frown and a “Just make it to sundown and do it again tomorrow” attitude, OR I can choose to enjoy life in the moment!

I think some people are really good at this and I am lucky enough to have a couple locals that I can look to as an example.  Tonight I have thought of a few specific traits and action steps for making the most out of my life as it stands.

Each morning I wake up when my daughter wakes me up.  I am NOT a morning person so I know I am probably not a very pleasant start to the day for her.  My mind immediately starts churning thoughts of how sleep-deprived I am and how its not going to be a good day unless we can take a nap together in the early afternoon.  This means I am getting a terrible start and setting myself up to fail each and every day!!  From now on I plan to a.) Wake up each morning and SMILE!, then b.) immediately think of a positive thought (such as: the weather is going to be great today, today is playgroup day, how blessed I am to be greeted each morning by such a beautiful smiling girl), and then lastly c.) I will make arrangements to wake up an hour before my daughter so that I can be fresh and ready to handle her morning rush of energy.

As for my daily activities, I will spend more time enjoying my daughter by playing with her and teaching her.  I will also limit errands to no more than 2 stops in one outing and if an outing runs long, I will follow it up with something fun for her (like a stop at the park or an impromptu art project at home). I will use down times when she is napping or free-playing to do something for me whether that be complete a household task, read, sew, etc.. No more TV running constantly for the mere comfort of noise and companionship.  No more quick looks at the internet often will happen anytime I have a moments time.  The computer has clearly become a stumbling block in my relationship with my daughter.  Often if she is playing and finds me once again staring blankly at my laptop she will burst into tears and walk over to me waving her hands saying “no-no”!  Addicted much?  In addition, I will (try) have a peaceful, orderly home and a smile on my face when my husband comes home from his day.

Lastly, I will stop being obsessively depressed about the people and circumstances of my life that I have absolutely NO control over.  I will stop wondering about the 1,000 other paths my life COULD have taken and if the one I am on is the wrong one.  I will remember and fall in love once again with my calling to be the person that I am (or at least the one that I am supposed to be).  I chose my “hat” and its time to start wearing it…without ceasing!

While there is nothing wrong with having dreams, I think something has gone ary when you begin to live for them alone and cease to live in the present.  This is where I have found myself…a sullen girl.  But I refuse to reside here.

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2009 To Do List

I know the whole “New Year’s Resolutions” thing is very cliche and most say its an unhealthy practice since they are often comprised of unattainable goals that are usually tossed aside come February.  But, this year..I am making a To Do list which I like to think is different from resolutions.  The difference is that I have a full year to put them into full working order.  Some will need immediate action while others I am giving myself a December 31st, 2009 deadline for. So here is my current list…I will add to this list as the week goes I imagine.  It is a work in progress:

1. Lose weight

  • follow the Weight Watchers plan (which I am currently on) or begin meeting with a nutritionist and follow a personalized plan
  • no more sodas (including diet)
  • exercise- use gym membership, run every day, meet with a trainer for 10 sessions to jump start wellness plan
  • train for my first mini-marathon (to be accomplished first of 2010)
  • eat out only 2 meals a week and cook only fresh, unprocessed foods

2.  Switch to safe, organic household cleaners (all toxic cleaners will be thrown out on New Years day)

3.  Create a flexible daily routine for me and my daughter so that I am maximizing on time spent with her while also getting household chores done.

4.  Finish Wedding Scrapbook

5.  Start my Etsy shop

6.  Learn to knit

7.  Get pregnant with baby #2

8.  Take a digital photography course (refresher and so I can better use my Nikon)

and…more to come!


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I must find a way to get it all done.  I feel like if I can’t figure this out then I can’t ever even humor myself with the idea of having more children and I WANT MORE KIDDOS!  I have gone to several women I know who I see getting it all done and doing it somewhat gracefully with multiple children in tow but alias they never have any good advice for me.  Seems all I get is “one day you’ll figure it out” or “try not to care so much and when she’s older you can play catch up” but they all have young children and clean organized homes, plus hot meals on the table.  So, someone HELP ME!

I need some solid advice on how I can spend optimal time with my daughter during the day and still keep a clean home, work on crafting projects, go on outings, cook meals, run errands, etc…

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