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Mom vs. Mom : Discipline

Last week has been an odd one.  My husband left early Monday morning for the (very chilly) city of Minneapolis for the “Desiring God” pastors conference.  He had a great time and really enjoyed experiencing winter for the first time.  For me, it meant I was single-parenting until his return Thursday.  Every time he goes on a trip now I gain more and more respect for single moms!  Most nights I would crash very early, and under the circumstances blogging wasn’t been a priority.  Since his return I haven’t been able to catch up enough around the house to start blogging again.

While my husband was gone a friend invited us over for dinner.  She has a daughter about Mirabelle’s age so it was a play date built into a wonderful dinner out of the house.  While there we, of course, had to battle a few disagreements between the two girls as well as deal with a few individual discipline situations during their playtime.  This brought about a discussion about disciplining your own children in front of your mom friends.

The scenario is this:  Let’s say that one of your personal rules is that your child is not allowed to run around the house screaming and hollering and this is usually understood in your home and beyond.  Now your at your friends home and her child is running around the house with your child playing and he is screaming and hollering..naturally your child gets wrapped up in the fun and starts to mimic the boys behavior.  Your mom friend is not correcting since for her this is NOT a problem but this goes against YOUR rule for behavior.  If you correct your child you may come off as passive-aggressively condemning your friends parenting skills but if you do not correct your child you are being inconsistent in your parenting and will have to spend extra time re-training your child if you so choose to eliminate this behavior again.

So ..what is the right thing to do here?  Is there a way to discipline your child in a way that will not offend your mom friend?



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